2019-20 Theme - A Note from Mr. Sims


We are privileged to have the opportunity to kick off another school year at Cornerstone Crossroads Academy! Last year we adopted Deuteronomy 30:15-20 as our school verse. Every day, we would begin by reciting the verse together. For some it was just a necessary ritual that CCA mandated, but for others it was something more. Questions were being asked about what it means to choose life. Students were being introduced to a radical notion that spiritual life isn’t a state you automatically wake up in, but rather an existence you must continually choose.

Continuing in that vein, we have deemed this school year the “Year of Choice.” We are putting the onus of being intentional with every second that God gives to us on our students. In essence, we are asking them to take their understanding of Christ to the next level. James 2:14 proclaims that “faith without works is dead.” To put it another way, if your faith doesn’t affect how you live, then it’s not actually faith. While we aspire to equip our students with an education that will enable them to transcend their circumstances, our ultimate goal is to make healthy disciples. Disciples that walk in a manner that is worthy of the calling God has put on their lives.

In support of our students choosing life, we have also started a speak life campaign. We are asking our students to also be intentional with the words they release. We believe that it’s easier to choose life when you are in a habit of speaking life.

As for the academics, our staff has worked hard over the summer to improve the rigor of our program. In preparation for post-graduation endeavors, we have rolled out our Life Skills ELA, and Life Skills Math courses. These are courses that all students will take, irrespective of where they are on their graduation track. These courses help us ensure that students perform satisfactory on college entrance exams, vocational exams, ASVAB testing, or any other metric they need to be successful. Teachers are also working tirelessly to master the art of Data Driven Instruction. We have implemented a series of formal and informal assessments that the teachers administer on a daily bases that informs what is taught, and how it’s taught.

As we progress through the year, please keep us in your prayers. God has entrusted these precious souls into our care, and we want to ensure we steward that responsibility well. We are so thankful for your support, and we look forward to sending more updates your way as the year progresses.

Grace and Peace