Join the Lunch Bunch


Every year our students say the same thing: they feel most loved by the meals at CCA!

Of course, they love the food, but it's about more than just a meal. Lunch time at CCA is a time to chat with students, hear their stories, and get to know them.

We've also seen lunch bring people outside of CCA together. As families, friends, neighbors, and communities groups serve alongside one another, they are not just serving CCA. We have witnessed groups grow together through their time in preparing meals, riding down to the school together, serving lunch, and breaking bread together. 

If you would like to join the awesome group of volunteers who bring a lunch during the school year, sign up!

Want to know more? Read our Lunch FAQs or check out the Lunch Time photo album.

For ideas on inexpensive lunches for a crowd, check out our Pinterest Board!