no quantity or number; naught
an undistinguished person.

In the financial world, zero’s are a big deal, especially if they are on the left of the decimal. My training is not in accounting or bookkeeping, but I have learned that they are pretty important in the non-profit world, too.

In my time at CCA, I have developed a whole new appreciation for zero’s. If you have been on campus when we received a grant donation, you know that we stop and celebrate! Last month we received a generous grant from the David M. Crowley Foundation and I might have given myself a headache with loud celebrating!

But just as precious, if not even more, are the checks without a lot of zeros from some of our graduates who want to help the next group coming through CCA. These gifts are often given at great personal sacrifice. Tears of gratitude flow freely when we receive these gifts. And we feel accountable to use every penny to very best of our ability.

Which brings me to my favorite zeros.

As staff and volunteers, we often feel greatly inadequate to meet the needs of our students. Their lives are so difficult. There is so much pain and suffering and hardship. When I first came to CCA, I thought, “What our students really need is a large African American man to lead this school.” And no matter how much schooling or experience or anything else I have, I will never be any of those three!

The passage of scripture that has given me great comfort is from I Corinthians 1:26-29.

God chooses the foolish and the powerless to accomplish His work.

We are His zeros!

And His math is infinitely better than ours!

 - Kristi

We are firmly faith-based, and we believe that only God can transform our students' lives.