Herb - Dallas Mavs' Teacher of the Month


Our very own Mr. Herb was nominated for the Dallas Mavericks' Classroom Champion Program, and he was selected as the January "Teacher of the Month!" Mr. Herb was recognized at the Mavs vs. Heat game on January 29.

Around mid-March, we will be able to vote to nominate Mr. Herb as "Teacher of the Year." Check back with us for updates!

Teacher of the Month Nomination Letter for Mr. Herb

Herb is not a traditional teacher. He left a prominent corporate position in order to teach and impact the lives of young people. Now on his second career, Herb is certified to teach math and science. With these credentials, he teaches multiple classes at Cornerstone Crossroads Academy, including Algebra, Geometry, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

CCA is not a traditional school. It is a school for students 16 and up who need a second chance to complete high school, and it is housed in a one-room school house. In the 1500 square foot building, we serve 25 students at a time. Mr. Herb, as the students call him, commands the classroom in such an amazing way. It is always intriguing to pause and listen in on his lessons. Instead of simply teaching according to the curriculum guidelines, Herb makes learning relevant, fun, and engaging for the students.

Herb has also served in the community for years through the after school program next door. There, he tutors elementary students. Herb is an active member of his church, and he gets them involved at the school and with the students. Herb has displayed leadership within the school as a humble, servant leader. He serves the students and the staff, and we also get to see him serve his family and others in our community. Herb is thoughtful and wise, and students are encouraged by his example. 

His commitment to his students extends far beyond the classroom. One of the highlights from last year was “Brofest 2K17.” On a day when all of the ladies of the school attended a special luncheon, Herb made the day equally special for the guys. They used the outdoor grill to make hamburgers and hot dogs. The boys brought in multiple video games and game systems, and Herb brought in a big flatscreen tv. They spent time sharing their lives with each other in a new way that day, and they all continue to rave about it to this day. Herb invests in the lives of many students at CCA by spending time with them outside of school. Herb loves camping, and he has taken some of the boys along with him and his family. For holidays, Herb invites them over to celebrate.

It constantly amazes me to see Herb’s love, care, and concern for his students. I’m also blown away by their fascination with him. As one of the few men on staff, our students truly value Herb’s input. Just yesterday, we had an impromptu relationship discussion. Several of the staff members spoke. When it got to Mr. Herb, the room grew silent and still. All eyes were on him, and they soaked up his every word. I’m sure the topic played a role, but this is often the response when he addresses the class. Although he’s only in his second year of teaching, Herb is a phenomenal teacher and a true advocate for his students!

January Teacher of the Month Highlight Video