Maya came to CCA in 2017, wanting to finish her senior year of high school. After the death of her best friend, Maya was depressed and started getting into trouble. She saw Cornerstone Crossroads Academy as her last option. Now, she realizes that it was the second chance that she needed.

Over time, we've seen Maya blossom in numerous ways! We've also seen her quietly endure multiple challenges yet remain dedicated to completing her education. Each day when she walks in, we can't help but smile. Maya shares this sentiment, especially with Ms. Kristi who always knows how to make her day.

Best CCA Memory: When we had the picnic at the park.

Special Shout Out: My Granny, Ms. Shirley, because she is strong and she never gave up.

Plans After Graduation: To become a pediatrician or pursue cosmetology. I love working with kids and I love doing hair.

Graduate Gratitude: Read Maya's heartfelt handwritten thank you letter.

Maya Thank You Letter.jpg