Quinton graduated from Cornerstone Crossroads Academy in 2010. At that time, unfortunately, CCA was not yet an accredited high school.

In 2014, CCA successfully completed the accreditation process with the Association of Christian School International. Ms. Kristi reached out to previous graduates with the chance to return to CCA and complete a few additional classes under the new accreditation requirements.

Quinton came back this year, as we went through re-accreditation, to take full advantage of this opportunity. Upon his return, Quinton worked diligently. He encouraged his fellow classmates, including his younger brother Darion. He also helped out in any way that he could. While many of our students describe coming to CCA as a "second chance," they all got to witness how Quinton stewarded his second chance at CCA.

Best CCA Memory: Being able to come back a second time.

Special Shout Out: God, my family, CCA staff, and CCA volunteers.

Plans After Graduation: To go to college and get my bachelor's degree in ministry.

Graduate Gratitude: Read Quinton's heartfelt thank you letter!

Quinton Thank You Letter.jpg