Serena came to CCA during the second quarter of the 2017-2018 school year. Serena's aunt told her about CCA after her younger cousin Xavior started the previous quarter.

Serena says that prior to attending CCA, she only went to school to hang out with her friends. She saw CCA as her second chance to graduate from high school after dropping out.

Serena feels that deciding to attend CCA was one of the best decisions that she's ever made.  Serena admits that she was skeptical about going to a Christian school, but she has learned more about and grown closer to God since coming to CCA. She has also developed strong bonds with the people she has come to know and love.

Through her second chance at CCA, Serena believes that she also has a second chance to pursue her goals and any other opportunities that God sets before her.

Best CCA Memory: When we went to Watermark for our Christmas party.

Special Shout Out: My older cousin Heather. She has been through a lot like me. She pushes through and overcame everything.

Plans After Graduation: To become a pediatric nurse.

Graduate Gratitude: Read Serena's sweet thank you letter!

Serena Thank You Letter.jpg