Victoria is another student who was referred to CCA by our South Dallas neighbor and ministry partner Viola's House, a maternity home for homeless teenagers. Just a few credits shy of earning her diploma, Victoria came to CCA determined to finish what she started. Victoria was extremely focused and worked hard to complete her coursework, all while being pregnant and working full-time at McDonald's.

Victoria credited her determination to her future son, saying that she wanted to provide a good future for him. Shortly after finishing her high school classes, Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Julian.

During her time at CCA, Victoria expressed an interest in law. Ms. Monisha recruited her friend Naomi Green, a local lawyer who volunteered to meet with Victoria to discuss her interests. As the relationship has blossomed, Mrs. Green has become Victoria's mentor and has spoken to CCA students about the justice system.

Best CCA Memory: When everyone thought Ms. Nichelle's twin was her.

Special Shout Out: I look up to my twin sister Tessa because she's strong and independent.

Plans After Graduation: To go to college to study criminal justice, then transfer to a university, then go to law school to become an attorney.

Graduate Gratitude: Watch Victoria's thank you video to hear her gratefulness for those who have helped her on her journey to earn her high school diploma!