What are people saying about CCA, our students, and our volunteers?

I really appreciated all of the tutors helping me with my classes, especially Ms. Suzanne. She really helped me out with music appreciation.
— Jarvis, Class of 2016 graduate
Teaching someone how to do algebra is something they might forget. The way our volunteers touch the students’ lives is what leaves a lasting impression.
— Herb, Math and Science Teacher

The school was running before the current volunteer model, but I think we can attribute greater retention and graduation rates in large part to our volunteers. Before now, the staff were the teachers, the cooks, the counselors, the chauffeurs. Now, the volunteers really fill in the gaps so that the teachers can focus on providing quality instruction for our students.
— Monisha, Director of Special Programs

Our volunteers really help out a lot! They fill in the gaps we can’t take care of ourselves.
— David, student
If it weren’t for the volunteers, we wouldn’t have tutors, mentors, speakers, and all the people who share their wisdom and knowledge with us.
— Darren, student

CCA volunteers are the best! They never cease to amaze me, and they love our students so much.
— Brandie, Director of Engagement
They come in faithfully to help meet our needs, and they always go above and beyond to do so.
— Jamal, Student Work Program Manager and Class of 2015 Graduate

I am thankful for our volunteers. I feel like there’s something in their hearts where they care so much about others and they’re willing to do whatever they need to to help others out, and it’s just such a blessing.
— Markeist, student

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